Meet the Staff: Ashley Loc

Her Campus: How did you get involved with Her Campus at Brandeis and what do you do for them?

Ashley Loc: Coming to college, I was so sure I would major in English and was searching for different outlets to write. But as much as I respect all the people responsible for school newspapers, I could never churn out articles about sports or theatre. But fashion, beauty, and self-care? That I can do.

HC: What’s your favorite thing about being a part of Her Campus at Brandeis?

AL: Aside from the survival kits, I love the people. They’re all friendly, positive and can separate their super ambitious selves from their fun-loving ones. It’s really important to have activities where everyone is just a breath of fresh air, and the staff at Her Campus have that going for them.

HC: What other activities are you involved in on campus?  

AL: I’m the Publicity Officer for the Astronomy Club and the Social Media Chair for Brandeis’s ONE chapter. Before coming to Brandeis, I had never heard of ONE, but it’s a huge organization that is all about pushing for policy change–especially in regards to underprivileged girls. It’s wildly important and coincides with the campus’s Feminist Alliance, which I am a general E-board member of. And on the side, I help an angel prepare for the citizenship test. (Wish her luck!)

HC: Do you have any exciting summer plans?

AL: Yes! This summer will be the most stressful but also the most rewarding yet. I’ll be interning in Boston with a non-profit, which is any young activist’s dream! As for the weekends, I’ll be dog sitting for a sweet couple, working at a local museum, and spending way too much of my money on food.

HC: What’s one place you’ve always wanted to travel to but have never had the chance?

AL: Venezuela. Those rocky views are just phenomenal. I would do anything to be in a landscape that could inspire people as creative as the producers of Up.

HC: You find out today that all your final papers and exams have been canceled. What do you do with your newfound freedom before you leave campus?

AL: This may sound kind of lame, but I would probably do a bunch of brainstorming and planning! My friends and I are starting up a sorority and since I’m the Community Service Chair, I really want to jump right into my responsibilities. There are so many different ideas floating around in my head–like writing letters to deployed soldiers and holding workshops for school children–so I’m excited.

Quick Facts:

Favorite Dessert – Well, there were three consecutive weeks where I was eating around 5 desserts a day, mainly consisting of brownies. Mmm

Favorite Animal – Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Tigers

Favorite way to unwind after a long day – Having dinner with a very close friend

First Celebrity Crush – Jesse McCartney


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